One Day in October

Fallen caramel leaves crunched underfoot as Samuel walked briskly through his nearby Sussex woodland. Dusk was descending and with it a misty chill gently rocking Oak and Beech branches. Samuel zipped his parker up to the top and tucked his woollen scarf in; his attempt to exclude draughts. At six foot two and broad shouldered the young man of twenty felt very at home wandering the forest at that hour, it made him feel very primal; Like a hunter seeking his prey. Sometimes he would crouch to observe the herds of dear running frightfully through the pine areas of the forest, a rich peaty smell would rise from the ground enhancing the splendour of observing natures fine occurrences.
On this particular afternoon Samuel walked with purposeful steps, devising a longer route around the forest to delay his return home. His emerald green eyes, humorous character and unknowing ability to charm the opposite sex had gotten him into trouble with a girl he simply saw as a friend. Samuel never meant to lead anyone on, or behave dishonestly but the girl had taken just two months to fall helplessly in love with him; or so she thought.
Temporary infatuation. That’s what Samuel was repeating in his brain as he breathed deeply, striding up a clay covered hill, his breath hanging heavily in the air with his wellington boots leaving large footprints on the ground. He was trying to clear his mind of last night’s events. Trying, at the same time, to work out what he should say, and when, to the girl.
Samuel reached a style that separated the forest and a path in a field that would lead him to a road, and back to his house. He paused there, raking his fingers through his soft brown hair, starring at smoke curling out of cottage chimneys, imagining married couples enjoying tea and crumpets by the fire, he drew in the scene before him. Samuel came to realise that Autumn is the most beautiful time of all, a point of reflection on the year; a chance to shed past baggage and take in clean, fresh air. He couldn’t find the words to express to others that he did not want a relationship, no matter how sweet the girl. Nature and air was all he would ever need.
Written: October 2012


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I like to write, I have no preferred style or format of writing but I usually enjoy recounting a funny story or describing my surroundings. I enjoy heated debates about society and ideologies, I have an appreciation of the great outdoors, I relish in the company of others, I'm very much a morning person, I love practising Te Waza in Judo, and I hope one day to build my own dwelling (I won't say house as that sounds terribly proper).

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