Humble pie: The therapy of gatherer cooking

Apples and blackberries

On a section of Bridleway I call ‘Crumble gate’ I quietly pick blackberries, succulent and ripe, from their thorny stalks while listening to the sound of birds and the gentle rustling of trees in the cool, autumnal breeze. In terms of harvesting and enjoying the free fruits, September is my favourite month of the year, not to mention the sight of the gradual turning colour of leaves into crisp caramel swathes.

I believe there to be a certain therapy in picking berries and apples, specially if it’s only up the road. Away from traffic is preferable to avoid pollution on to the fruit. I feel so at peace with nature and somewhat primal while I quietly pluck away at what will later become a delicious pudding treat. I also feel a sense of nostalgia; much of my summer childhood was spent looking forward to and making blackberry and apple pie, cutting fruit shapes from leftover pastry to glue atop the dish with milk.

Aside from the enjoyable experience of gathering blackberries, the small dark fruits are a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Manganese (Source: Self Nutrition Data) making it an even more appealing snack or pudding substance!

So, why not make an autumnal afternoon of gathering and cooking the ingredients for a pie or crumble? If you’re lucky, you may also come across cooking apples too! Relish the last of the English sun, breath in the cool air and taste the fruits of 2014… but most importantly, EAT PIE!


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I like to write, I have no preferred style or format of writing but I usually enjoy recounting a funny story or describing my surroundings. I enjoy heated debates about society and ideologies, I have an appreciation of the great outdoors, I relish in the company of others, I'm very much a morning person, I love practising Te Waza in Judo, and I hope one day to build my own dwelling (I won't say house as that sounds terribly proper).

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