Autumn dusk

There was something retro and comical about going out the the video store to pick movies. I turned off the rice and hauled myself into the back of the car barefoot and weary.
The window was down and I let my head rest against the door, warm evening air blowing into my face as we made the decent into Lower Hutt.
Under the bright light of the film rental store I felt the pressure of picking a film for other people to watch, I looked around to see other Friday nighters in their lounging pants, ready to veg out to a film and popcorn.

In the end we grabbed a selection that looked vaguely appealing, our minds considering the hot curry on the stove at home a far more satiating image.
Coming out onto the street, the sky emulated candyfloss drifting above rolling hills of bush, ferns opened up like flowers to the sun, creepers and flax amongst them creating a rich green ensemble.

A warm dusk drive up into Wellington’s peaks was enough to refresh the senses and ready my appetite.


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I like to write, I have no preferred style or format of writing but I usually enjoy recounting a funny story or describing my surroundings. I enjoy heated debates about society and ideologies, I have an appreciation of the great outdoors, I relish in the company of others, I'm very much a morning person, I love practising Te Waza in Judo, and I hope one day to build my own dwelling (I won't say house as that sounds terribly proper).

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